18+Story: Aisha, my favorite nurse (Part 2)

18+Story: Aisha, my favorite nurse (Part 2)

18+Story: Aisha, my favorite nurse (Part 2)

Aisha’s sobs and moans were now coated with little grunts, a noise I had never heard a woman make before.

“Oh, Lenny, LENNY!” she moaned. She began to gyrate her hips in all directions. She squeezed her thighs harder around me, trembled, and let out one long moan. I had been holding out as long as I could, but could stand it no longer, and I shot a load of cum up her pussy.

It was less than a minute later, with the gasping Aisha still impaled on my dick, that we heard the door open.

Aisha jumped off me and scampered for her clothes, but it was too late. Ogechi and Abike both entered the room and stared open-mouthed at their naked colleague and I.

Neither of the women said anything. They just stared surprisingly at us. I reached down and started fumbling with my boxer and trousers.

Aisha was frozen, holding her clothes in front of her. She tried to speak, “Uh, uh, I uh, I, what are you doing here?”

Ogechi and Abike turned and looked at each other, and both burst out laughing.

“I forgot my purse,” laughed Ogechi “We can see what you’re doing.”

Aisha still had a look of fear and embarrassment on her face, and stood frozen.

“Well, we’ve caught you, eh, red-handed, so-to-speak,” said Abike. “What should we do, Ogechi?”

“Blackmail!” laughed Ogechi.


After a brief pause, Ogechi explained. “Now you’re going to have to share that your young man!” Abike looked at Ogechi with some surprise, but then smiled at the idea.

“Shhh, share?” Aisha stammered.

Ogechi and Abike dropped their coats, and walked over to us. Ogechi stood to the right of me, my trouser was up over my dick. She pulled my trouser down with one tug of her right hand, re-exposing my sticky, semi-hard dick.

“Share,” she repeated. She ran her hand up my thighs, and took hold of my dick.

“I’m guessing you only had time to do it once, and I’ll bet a randy young guy like yourself is capable of a couple more rounds. Right, Lenny?”

The thought of the other two women, whom I so often masturbated about, wanting to “do” me, along with Ogechi now stroking my dick, got me completely hard again. Ogechi took that physical reaction, along with my smile, as an affirmative answer. She wiped her sticky hand off on her top, and then started to unbutton it.

I glanced over at the other two women. Abike now stood on my left, and placed her left hand on my hard sticky dick.

“Mmmm, nice, Lenny!” she chuckled. The naked Aisha’s expression had changed from fear to confusion. Like me, she was probably beginning to realize that she was not going to get in trouble, but was baffled and bewildered by the two women, who were even older than her, so boldly touching, the dude she had just finished having sex with.

I looked over at Ogechi, who had completely unbuttoned her top, and now dropping it off of her shoulders. I stared at her white bra. Of the three women, Ogechi was my least favourite, not being quite as attractive as the other two, and showing a little more age, with the start of a fatty jaw and some dark bags under her eyes.

But she was the only one of the trio with massive-sized breasts, so I had masturbated while thinking of her many times after an appointment with her. And those breasts were about to be exposed as Ogechi dropped her bra straps and reached behind her to unhook her bra.

The bra was dropped, and I stared at Ogechi’s round breasts, with slight sag to them, capped with darker areolas. Ogechi then leaned over and aggressively kissed me, sliding her tongue in my mouth.

I kissed back, but Ogechi just as quickly pulled away. She arched her back, and thrust her breasts into my face, sliding both of the warm naked breasts over me, in effect slapping me with her boobs.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

I felt Abike’s hand leave my dick, and I looked to my left to see that she had stepped out of her shoes and lowered her uniform trouser. Her legs weren’t as long as Aisha’s, but they were nice looking and smooth. Abike lowered her pretty face down over me and kissed me more gently than Ogechi had. I heard her emitting a moan as her soft lips gently pressed mine, and her tongue slid around my own.

I heard a rustling of clothes on my right, and glanced over to see that Ogechi had pulled down her trouser and panties, and her breasts were hanging down and jiggling as she took the garments off her feet. Ogechi then took my right hand, and placed it on her bare chest. I instinctively squeezed her soft left breasts, while getting my first glimpse of Ogechi’s triangle bushy dark pubic hair.

Abike stood up and unbuttoned her top. She dropped it elegantly off her shoulders, revealing her small white bra. With a few moves, the bra was off of her chest, revealing her tiny breasts. They were as small as Aisha’s but they looked sexy on the woman’s slender body. Her areolas were crumpled, and her nipples were long and hard. She lowered her panties, to reveal some pubic hair, similar in colour and fullness to Aisha’s, not as rough and bushy and curly as Ogechi’s.

Abike, as Ogechi had done a moment before, took my left hand, and placed it on her right breast. I fondled her small breast, rolling her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

Both women simultaneously moved my hands down their breasts, over their stomach, and to their pussy. I combed my fingers through both of their pubic hair, and then rubbed their pussy. I slid my middle fingers into each of their pussy. Both of their pussies were as lubricated as Aisha’s was when I had entered it just a few minutes ago.

I looked up at Aisha. She was still naked, standing just below Ogechi on my right, her arms folded across her chest. Aisha just gave me an awkward smile and a shrug.

I finger-fucked both Abike and Ogechi, who were standing on either side of me with their knees apart, moaning, and slowly thrusting their hips in and out. Abike slowly stroked my dick up and down, while Ogechi gently massaged my balls.

All three of the women were naked.

Ogechi leaned over, and placed her lips on my dick. She eagerly sucked most of my dick into her mouth, and rapidly moved up and down up and down on it.

Abike lifted her right leg, and climbed onto my chest. She adjusted forward, until her pussy was right up to my face. With her right foot still on the floor, she wiggled her ass to get into better position, wrapping her thighs around my head. I took the hint and dug my face into her pussy, sticking my tongue out. I jubilantly ate the pussy of a woman my mother’s age, enjoying the sensations of her smooth thighs around my ears and her pubic hair tickling my nose.

Ogechi let my dick slide out of my mouth, and straddled me on the chair, lowering her upper body over me, sliding her hot pussy down over my dick. She wasted little time getting into position before she fucked me rapidly, grunting as she thrust on top of me.

While fucking Ogechi and eating Abike, I felt the presence of Aisha standing at my left. I reached out to her. She held my hand for a moment. Then I felt her bare ass. Then I worked my hand around to her front, and fingered her pussy. I was now at the same time satisfying three pussies at once.

While fucking, eating, and fingering, my left hand was all over the place; up to Ogechi’s shaking breasts, to Abike’s thrusting ass, over both of their smooth thighs.

Some of the ladies’ hands were roaming, too. I couldn’t see too much with Abike sitting on my face, but I realized that Aisha’s hand was on Ogechi’s breasts, and Ogechi’s hand was on Aisha’s breasts. Aisha also fondled Abike’s breasts. Aisha was sort of leaning into the other two riding women, hugging them, and there seemed to be a bit of smooching going on, too, between all three.

Abike and Aisha were groaning and moaning, but Ogechi was loudly grunting with each of her thrusts. Her thighs were squeezing harder around me, and she was throwing her breasts in all directions. I felt her shudder and spasm, almost throwing me off the dentist chair. Finally her orgasm subsided, and she almost fell off of my dick and off the chair.

As soon as Ogechi vacated the chair, Abike slid her body all the way down to mine, and impaled herself on my sloppy dick. Now it was her turn to produce unladylike moan as she fucked me.

I was nearing another orgasm, and now I concentrated on the third woman fucking me. I didn’t know a whole lot about sex then, but I knew that I was supposed to wait for the woman to have an orgasm before I did. I was close to cumming, but I held off as Abike threw herself back on my lap.

Unlike the other two women, who leaned forward while fucking me on top, Abike was leaning way back, her jiggling little breasts were up in the air, her head back, as if riding a horse. “uhhrm urhmm!” She moaned with every thrust, her normally seductive voice getting hoarser.

“Ride am well, Abike!” Cheered the recovering Ogechi.

Abike chuckled and moaned as she threw her breasts from side to side. She shuddered and swayed.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. I shot a load of cum up into Abike’s pussy.

Abike reciprocated, by squeezing her thighs around me, and then collapsing on my chest, the way that Aisha had just done a few minutes before, lying chest-to-chest with me, moaning in my ear.

As Abike recovered from her orgasm, Ogechi and Aisha found their clothes and got dressed. Abike unsteadily climbed off of me, and also started dressing. I rose and started to look for my clothes, but I mostly watched the three women getting dressed in their attires. As I dressed, they ran combs through their hair and found tissues to clean themselves with.

“Lenny, you were great!” Exclaimed Ogechi. The other two ladies excitedly agreed, which made me feel even better than I had already felt.

“So were all of you! Amazing!” Was all I could think to say.

“But you can’t boast about this,” cautioned Aisha. “You’ll keep this to yourself, right?”

“Oh, sure,” I agreed. I figured out that nobody would believe I fucked three married nurses at the same time anyways.